A Healthy Complexion

Maintaining a healthy complexion is a concern for most individuals.  Proper skincare is more about good health than superficial beauty.  Make-up and foundations can camoflauge a problem complexion and may improve one’s self-esteem momentarily, but honestly speaking, after removing your make-up at the end of the day are you happy with the condition of your skin.  Does your skin have a dull, dry look? Do you have blemishes and an uneven skin tone?  Does the texture look rough.and lackluster.  It is not vanity at all to want a healthy complexion.  As Dr. Loretta Ciraldo, renowned dermatologist and creator of CosMedical Technologies puts it, skin care is simply GOOD HEALTH.

Healthy aging is a concern for many.  Preventive skincare can deter many of the effects of premature aging.  Signs of aging of the skin is decreased micro-vasular functioning (decreased blood supply), collagen production dimenishes, loss of elasticity, change in pigmentation and textural changes.  The skin is the largest organ on the body and it’s functions is extremely complex.  It makes good skin sense to provide it with tender loving care no matter what your age. If one can get manicures and pedicures to beautify their nails  and then why not make an investment in  caring for the health of your complexion.

Although getting a facial from an esthetician once in a while may seem to be a luxury, it is a prequisite to good skin health that every woman and yes, man should invest in on a monthly basis. Massage is an ancient art and is one of the oldest, most powerful forms of healing therapy.  Massage has both pyschological and physiological benefits. Massage can reduce blood pressure and heart rate and trigger the brain to release endorphin and serotonin.  Did you know that a facial massage increases circulation, makes skin more receptive to products, and improve skin texture and tone.

With all that being said, acheiving and maintaing a healthy complexion with regular facials in addition to consistent and proper at-home skin care should be a priority for everyone who strive for a beautiful complexion.




One thing that I have discovered in life is that if you want results in accomplishing your goals is commitment. As a teenager and adult I would purchase a skin care product and use it for no longer that two to three weeks and after not seeing the results expected then I would stop using the product.  However cosmetic companies do not make it any easier by promising clear and luminous skin in two weeks or less.  Until I became more educated about skin, its’ functions and how long it takes for a pimple to appear on the surface, I continued to struggle with the hopes of achieving clear skin.  It was not until I finally purchased an over the counter skin care line that consist of ingredients that most skin care products use.  I made the decision to stick it out and not  jump from one skin care line to another.  I was pleasingly surprised that my commitment over several weeks finally paid off. One of the reasons that acne sufferers continue to get breakouts is because they become disenchanted with not seeing immediate results and discontinue the treatment.  I must say that for many skin care professionals, we fail to educate and encourage our clients and follow-up with their care.  Many skin care professionals  will send clients/patients away with  product or prescription and fail to educate the client of the ingredients of a skin care product,  its’ side effects, how to use the product or what to expect. I can remember seeing a doctor unrelated to acne, prescribe me medication that resulted in severe muscle spasms. He did not inform me of the side effects and when I addressed the side effect, I was dismissed by him saying that it must be in my mind.  I found out after researching the medication that muscle spasms was one of the medication’s side effects. Of course I discontinued the medication and found another doctor that was honest, compassionate and educated me regarding the pros and cons of the medication prescribed.  Many times we will leave the client out there onhome care for healthy skin their own without a clue as to what to do.  Our clients deserve to be treated with respect and educated on what they are using.  They need to be informed of the process. With that being said commit yourself to being informed and demand that your skincare therapist provide education of the skincare product and service  so that you won’t be discouraged and discontinue the treatment.